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Hajar Yagkoubi



Hi there!


My name is Hajar and I'm 24 years old. Glad to have you here on my website. Before I wave you goodbye to explore the rest of it, here is some background information on who I am. You know... the big questions stuff... 

From 2018 to 2020 I served as the United Nation's Youth Representative for the Netherlands. During my two-year mandate, I collected input from young people on the topics of human rights, security, and the climate crisis. This input was presented through speeches I delivered at the UN, as well as in conversations with prime ministers, ministers, legislators, and politicians.


Currently, I work as a presenter on the Dutch national news radio, a Gen Z trendwatcher and, public speaker. I moderate and give keynotes on sustainable leadership, the climate crisis, and engaging Generation Z.

I co-founded of Network 2100, through which I advocate for the inclusion of young people in executive and non-executive boards of corporations. I aim to bridge the gap between the business world and my generation and advocate for ways in which companies can embody sustainability, climate action, and a broad definition of prosperity. I study International Business at Tilburg University, which contributes to my knowledge of both the business world and the transitions in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) field that contemporary issues require. I use that knowledge in my role as an independent sustainability advisory board member to the executive board of Schiphol Airport.

Additionally, I am part of the Social Impact Team - personally installed by the Minister of Social Affairs - which advises directly to the cabinet on the societal impact of COVID-19. 



I am very much in awe of my generation. 

Some of the biggest challenges of our time such as; the Climate crisis, growing inequalities, and Xenophobia are issues that are being tackled by young people at the forefront. From the FridaysforFuture movement, the largest protest movement in world history, to the Black Lives Matter movement. If anything has become apparent: it is how much we as young people care about the future of our world. We speak up, but unfortunately, are not as often heard.

More than half of the world population is younger than 30. Still, young people are yet to be properly represented in many areas, especially in politics. 


My goal is to bring politics closer to young people and young people closer to politics. To make sure that we're given an equal seat at the table in a meaningful way!

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